Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Efforts underway to save planet

Thank you to Brian Snyder for his letter “ Time to defend planet” (CDT, June 26). I couldn’t agree more that the condition of our environment is changing before our eyes. Mr. Snyder will be happy to hear that there is indeed a group mustering the necessary determination to do anything broadly effective about our deteriorating situation.

A chapter of the nonprofit, non-partisan organization Citizens’ Climate Lobby is in the works for State College as we speak. We are respectfully engaging Congress on the issue and making enormous progress.

Last week over 600 volunteers paid their own way to Washington, D.C., to meet with our representatives (including Rep. Glenn Thompson) to support a conservative, free-market approach to reducing greenhouse gases that are the causing the planet to warm. CCL has a goal of having a local chapter in every Congressional District working with every legislator on the global warming issue.

Pennsylvania is rap idly adding chapters with recent additions in Pittsburgh, Sunbury and Lehigh Valley and another in West Chester in the works as well.

Jon Clark


The writer is Mid-Atlantic regional coordinator for Citizens’ Climate Lobby.