Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Air travel frustration

I have returned to State College after living in the Baltimore/Annapolis area for 20 years and find the many changes that have occurred here positive, but getting out of Happy Valley from our airport is a nightmare! To fly almost anywhere, I have to make at least one connection and that is a “backward connection” (e.g., flying to Dulles or Atlanta before flying to any point West).

And no direct flight into New York City ?

At first, I was just flabbergasted; now, I’m growing increasingly frustrated because when I actually went to the airport and talked to a representative from each airline, I was told the same thing: No demand.

No demand from a well-educated community who enjoys traveling, professors who travel to seminars/meetings, university students who live outside of Pennsylvania, plus those who simply enjoy time in Manhattan/Broadway?

I just don’t get “no demand.” Is there no demand because people have just stopped asking? Are people here not dissatisfied with what should be simple travel becoming all day travel? What can I do, I wonder, and is there an answer? Any ideas how we as a community can affect change in this situation?

Betsy Shelly Hetzel