Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Traffic woes avoidable

On Sunday morning, I tried to travel past the football stadium down to College Avenue to go to church downtown. The road by the stadium was blocked for a race, and I was told to take University Drive to get to College Avenue. Traffic was also being held up on University Drive, and I sat on the road for several minutes waiting to get through the intersection. There were breaks in the runners crossing the road but the traffic personnel did not seem to see any need to try to lessen the growing traffic backup.

Every summer, there are traffic issues because of construction, but these are necessary and unavoidable. However, many weekends we must deal with traffic backups because of walks or races.

The causes they walk or run for are worthy of our support, but I think that smart people in the borough or at Penn State could figure out areas of the campus or borough that could be used for these purposes and would not affect traffic on our main roads. Traffic personnel who know how to deal with backups would also help.

David D. Flick

State College