Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Hilltop decision wrong one

At Thursday’s public hearing on rezoning the former Hilltop mobile home property, a challenged council, bolstered by an inept planning commission, supported by an equally inept Centre Region planner, amid a non-vetted appointed council member who doesn’t understand “pure democracy” vs. representative government, all conspired to “deep six” an opportunity to turn the tide on the lack of affordable housing prevalent in our communities.

A decision that favors commercial enterprise coupled with the potential of 700 additional transient (student) residential units will take place on geographically challenged property in a saturated commercial/transient housing market.

The plan also presents potentially serious environmental challenges to both Thompson Woods Preserve and Millbrook Marsh.

Of three candidates who recently were elected on a platform of no transient/student housing, only one held ground. Among the two remaining members, the appointed one gave a pitiful narcissist soliloquy on the virtues of government process, while the other broke down in tears because one of the residents played hardball with council.

Ninety percent of township residents oppose the proposed zoning, yet it came to fruition.

It would behoove all State College residents to become more engaged with their respective governing bodies regarding unchecked growth.

All is not happy in Happy Valley where (to paraphrase a page from “Lake Wobegon”).... “all the residents have concern; all the council are visually and hearing impaired; and all the working poor continue to draw the short straw.”

Remember: If you don’t care, they won’t care!

Greg Johnson

College Township