Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Benner Pike bottleneck easily fixed

Within the past few weeks, especially after the Grange Fair ended, there has been a noticeable and very inconvenient traffic bottleneck on Benner Pike during the rush hours. The traffic light at Rishel Hill Road is the problem. Whenever a single vehicle approaches the intersection from Rishel Hill Road or Paradise Road, the traffic light cycles, bringing the high volume of traffic on Benner Pike to a stop.

For such a large commuter thoroughfare, this timing pattern is highly inefficient and needs be corrected. Keeping the signal green for Benner Pike traffic for roughly 30 seconds to a minute during morning and evening rush, regardless of the vehicles waiting at Rishel Hill or Paradise Road, would easily resolve the bottleneck.

As housing and business growth continues in this area, municipalities have the responsibility to adjust and improve the local infrastructure. Fortunately, with a bit of effort, this problem has an easy and inexpensive solution.

Frank Cianfrani