Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | NCAA, forgetting something?

As a proud second-generation Penn State student, I was overjoyed at the NCAA’s recent decision to lift its bowl ban sanction on my school. While our entire university has celebrated their decision to overturn a previous sanction, such as the return of scholarship money and the recent decision to keep the $60 million in fine money within Pennsylvania, I am concerned that the NCAA has forgotten something.

The wins that were taken from former coach Joe Paterno were not just taken from him, but from the young men that played throughout his tenure.

Paterno’s wins have been a hot issue since the NCAA finalized its adjudication process, but our school and their proud, faithful following should take issue with the NCAA about reinstating those wins to Paterno’s record, now more than in the past.

Obviously, the NCAA has come to the realization that its sanctions were harsh, knee-jerk decisions made to simply satisfy a public and media corps that was outraged.

It needs to take the opportunity to revisit one final sanction against our school because it not only affects the legacy and stellar career of Paterno, but it also reflects upon the careers and records of those who proudly wore the blue and white and never contributed at all to the crimes committed by others.

We are Penn State, a higher-education community with a proud collegiate football identity, which has pressed on the NCAA to reverse its decisions thus far. Let’s make sure the NCAA isn’t forgetting something.

P.J. Monella