Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | New scoreboard a ‘rip-off’

This is a $10 million rip-off to the loyal fans who have supported this program for decades. As I just read, this is a huge advertisement billboard for the sponsors. Show the full screen during the game and show the sponsors during time-outs or dead time.

Not to show out-of-town scores is revolting, and I believe that the announcer did not announce any scores during the second half, not that you could hear them because he was competing with loud music being blasted!

Also to see time, score, down and distance on a petite board is insulting. At least the play clock was in red! Yes, we needed new scoreboards, but this is embarrassing to all of us paying fans. Hopefully the university will realize this error and think of the paying patrons first.

Winning will attract new sponsors — even the netting for field goals and extra points has a sponsor, as well as time outs. How insulting.

Paul Malin

State College