Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Reason to celebrate, but...

Penn State students have a reason to celebrate, but not be satisfied. Penn State is based upon strength, honor and football, all affected by NCAA sanctions. The NCAA announcement Sept. 8 stated Penn State will have its scholarship and bowl privileges reinstated, but the revocation of the wins along with the fines are still intact.

Students gathered Monday night to celebrate the removal of the sanctions ( “Postseason play, scholarships given back as NCAA accepts new Mitchell report,” Sept. 8, CDT). We shouldn’t be satisfied just yet.

As students express their joy, they also express their sense of dissatisfaction that the 111 wins earned from 1998-2011 were removed. As a Penn State student who grew up going to every home football game, I feel the same joy as my fellow students. But like them, I am still not satisfied. The team, campus and athletic program as a whole deserves to have the 111 wins back along with the $60 million fine they are required to pay. The removal of wins takes records away from the university.

The fine, upon other reasons, is why my tuition is increasing and why ticket prices for all sporting events are so high. These wins and fines have brought nothing but dismay upon the university. I look forward to gathering with my fellow students and celebrating the fact that the team has new opportunities. We have won the leg, but not the race. I hope that everyone continues to fight to have all the sanctions removed so Penn State can go back to truly being Happy Valley.

Alicia Allen