Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Chickens no, students yes?

Considering the recent v oting activity by the College Township Council, I find it rather ironic that our council could not bear the thought of the possible negative impact that four chickens could have on township neighbors but had no such qualms when passing a rezoning decision that will allow the encroachment of commercial enterprise and the potential for 700 students next to Centre Hills Village, Thompson Woods Preserve and the adjacent existing family residents on the former Hilltop property (“College Township Council rejects chicken ordinance,” Sept. 18, CDT, and “Debate extends Hilltop meeting in College Township,” Sept. 5, CDT).

Both of these council decisions were made in opposition to the majority opinions expressed by township residents in multiple formal public hearings on both subjects.

College Township residents are not getting the representation for which they voted since majority consensus does not seem to have any impact on this council’s decision-making process.

Donald Widener

College Township