Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | More soccer coverage, please

In this busy fall season of school, sports and activities and the wonderful resurgence of football in Happy Valley, it should be noted there are some gaps in the CDT’s coverage of other sports at Penn State.

Over the last seven years, there has been a tremendous shift in the level of play and accomplishments by our NCAA Division I soccer programs at Penn State. Erica Walsh’s arrival, and then several years later, Bob Warming’s move here, have changed our university’s standings in the NCAA soccer world. While I’m biased toward the game of futbol as anyone will tell you, I am a Penn State alumnus and native of State College, so it is a bit troubling to see our local paper’s minor and scant reporting of these teams and their performances.

These teams are playing some great soccer and have great coaches leading the way. Both teams are ranked in the Top 10, are trending significantly, and frankly deserve in-depth coverage of their seasons.

Perhaps you can commit some time to real reporting and coverage of these two teams that have leading programs and are poised for great things to come. There’s a tremendous and growing following of soccer in Happy Valley, due in part to these coaches, and we look forward to reading your coverage of their hard work with these programs.

John Lundy

State College