Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | If you don’t like it, leave!

Residents of Highlands have heard this line often. From students, when we complain about their noise and vandalism, from owners of party homes and recently, from a member of the planning commission. In the planning commission meeting held on Sept. 18, residents voiced their concerns in response to a developer’s rezoning request for the area where Kildare’s Pub is located. The plan is to build a highrise. Residents were unhappy this high-density would increase noise and vandalism in the Highlands. In response, Rich Kalin, a member of the planning commission, essentially said we had made a choice to live in a college town. If we didn’t like it, we should leave.

Hurtful as this comment is, it is also untrue. We did not choose to live in a college town. We chose to live close to our workplace. We chose to live in an old house. We also chose to live in a vibrant community with socially and environmentally conscious and proactive neighbors. This is our view of State College. The borough on the other hand, views it as a college town. Unfortunately, this is dangerous because it is this one-sided vision held by those in office that will shape the reality of this town. Maybe that is why 77 percent of Highlands population is now aged 18-24.

What we don’t like is your vision, or the lack of it.

Smita Bharti

State College