Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Rev. Ken Codner misses point on LGBT

Yes, Kenneth Codner came to my door too ( Clergy Column, Sept. 27, CDT). We recently moved here from out of state and were looking for a church that would be open and welcoming. He assured me that his church was a welcoming church. I asked if his church was a member of the Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists. When he said no, I asked his view on homosexuality. Codner said he believed it was a sin.

As the pastor goes, so goes the congregation. I knew I wouldn’t feel comfortable in his church, and so as not to waste any more of his time or mine, I ended the conversation with a “Thanks for the invite, but no thanks.”

At the end of Codner’s column, his indignation came out with eight sentences beginning “Why.” He has no idea how often many doors have been shut, how often many opportunities have been taken away, and how many judgments have been passed on the members of the LGBT community.

Mr. Codner, I’m sorry your feelings were hurt, don’t be so resentful. Welcome to the world of LGBT.

I did find an open and welcoming church in town where no one is labeled, no one is judged and everyone is loved, just as God made us.

Carrie Fala