Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Wolf denies the pension crisis

Recently, this newspaper published an opinion piece by Stephen Herzenberg of the left-leaning Keystone Research Center, which attacked the governor’s plan to reform our state’s pension crisis (“Lawmakers right to reject pension plan,” Aug. 20, CDT).

First, Gov. Tom Corbett increased state education funding every year he’s been in office. In fact, former gov. Ed Rendell cut the state’s share of education spending and covered his tracks with one-time stimulus funds. Those funds were gone when Corbett took office.

The left likes to argue that Corbett’s growing investment in education includes transportation and pension costs, as if Pennsylvania can just avoid paying for those critical services.

While Corbett spent the summer educating the public about our commonwealth’s massive pension crisis, his opponent Tom Wolf, himself a former board member of the Keystone Research Center, refuses to acknowledge there’s a crisis at all.

Unfortunately, our pension crisis is all too real and growing worse very quickly. Sixty cents of every new dollar in state revenue already is claimed by our state pensions.

Pension costs are crushing our school districts. More than 99 percent of school districts who asked the state for permission to raise property taxes cited pension obligations as a major factor in their decision.

While there are a number of different plans to address our growing pension crisis, the voters have yet to hear from Wolf. Wolf’s reluctance to share vision on this critical issue should concern voters throughout Centre County and Pennsylvania at large.

Joyce Haas

State College