Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Vote for Kerith Strano Taylor

Several months ago, in an effort to learn more about Rep. Glenn Thompson before the general election, I called his office to ask when his next town hall meeting would be. I figured a person who asks for our votes would welcome the opportunity to explain his views and his votes as often as possible in a public forum with unscripted and unscreened questions from a live audience.

Instead, I was told Thompson doesn’t hold regular town meetings. He provides a monthly call-in time for the entire 5th District for Thompson “to connect with more constituents.”

I called in to listen and comment at the next scheduled opportunity. I have no way of knowing if the callers who reached him were screened. However, I was not surprised to hear every caller agree with Thompson’s views and votes. Color me skeptical.

Compare this to the promise made by Kerith Strano Taylor in her campaign to become our representative in Congress. She promises to hold two town hall meetings each year in State College, advertising them well in advance and taking questions from a live audience. What a concept!

Yes, Thompson holds office hours. Yes, he is very good at marching in parades and handing out Boy Scout badges. But we should demand much more.

A vote for Strano Taylor in November is a vote for open and accountable representation.

She deserves your vote.

Bonnie Marshall