Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | The debate isn’t over

I always find it curious and amusing when a climate-change zealot says “the debate is over” regarding climate change.

In a Sept. 19 article in the Wall Street Journal, Steven Koonin, a former undersecretary for science in President Barack Obama’s own Department of Energy, very effectively refutes this claim.

Koonin says climate change is a fact, but also that “climate has always changed and always will.” What is not a fact and has yet to become “settled” is the degree to which human influences are responsible for this change, rather than natural influences such as solar radiation fluctuations.

He also cites a variety of scientific contradictions to the current climate-change orthodoxy, such as the slowing of the global rise in average surface temperature over the past 16 years, although carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere have risen by 25 percent over this period.

I urge those who have not yet jumped onto the man-made-climate-change bandwagon to read the full article in the Wall Street Journal.

True objectivity in decisions regarding government expenditures on this issue (as well as the implications for taxation) requires that all the evidence be examined and debated in the true spirit of scientific inquiry rather than blindly accepted, as Cindy Petrick seems to have done in her Sept. 26 letter (“Replace Thompson in November”).

The manmade-climate-change debate is definitely not over, despite what the zealots would have us believe.

Frank Stover

State College