Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Fundamentally wrong

Reading the heartfelt letter from Carrie Fala (“Rev. Ken Codner misses point on LGBT,” Oct. 3), I was prompted to read Codner’s Sept. 27 column. He wrote about a discussion with me and included factual inaccuracies that require correction.

Codner knocked on my door and invited me to his church. After exchanging pleasantries, I told him that I was just recently married, and described how immensely important that commitment was to me.

I then said, “Ken, I want you to be honest. How would your church welcome Mike and me?”

He said, “I would tell you what God would tell you, and what I believe, that being gay is a sin and your relationship is sin.”

I then said our conversation was over.

Whether Codner purposely misled or just doesn’t recall, he has an ethical obligation to get his facts straight. Other than why I didn’t continue our conversation (though returning to dinner with my spouse would have been reason enough, Codner just didn’t strike me as having an interest or ability to understand), he wrote of many questions on his mind about gay people — none of which should have been prompted by his discussion with me.

Codner, according to his website, is a religious fundamentalist and believes that humans were literally created in 24 hours.

Considering his disinterest in 2,000 years of scientific advancement in understanding how the universe actually works and the origin of our species, his views on my marriage aren’t all that surprising.

Eric Campbell

Spring Mills