Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Corbett’s actions misjudged

Gov. Tom Corbett did not cut the Pennsylvania education budget. In fact, he has consistently raised the budget each year since he took office.

The budget for education increased more than $1 billion in the past four years. Who cut the budget?

Federal stimulus dollars were used to balance the state budget during the Rendell administration. The stimulus monies were not to be used for education.

After three years, those temporary funds — including the $1 billion in funding for schools — disappeared.

To compensate when he took office, Corbett and lawmakers replaced some of that with an increase of $500 million from state funds to public schools.

In the end, school districts did have less money to spend in 2011-12, but spending from state tax dollars actually increased.

Since then, state aid to public schools has continued to climb and totals more than $10 billion in the current budget — a record high that is greater than when state and federal stimulus dollars were combined.

Corbett did not cut the education budget. Voters need accurate information to make informed decisions. Anything less puts our children’s learning environment at risk.

Linda Lochbaum

State College