Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Faulting Franklin

I am not a football coach and I never pretended to be one. But I’ve been following the Nittany Lions football program since 1958, and think I am entitled to make a comment every now and then.

Since James Franklin arrived at Penn State, cute cliché-type sayings began to appear, such as “I’m bankin’ on Franklin” and “Dominate the state.” None of these will get you a first down or anything else on the football field.

I appreciate the fact that Franklin has accepted full responsibility for the poor effort against the Northwestern Wildcats, and I am not trying to take anything away from Northwestern.

However, is there anyone else to blame? Franklin made a statement that he and the coaching staff have been aware of obvious problems all year, but even after four games these problems have not been addressed. One needs to wonder why he is waiting or what he is waiting for.

Some of the assistant coaches — whose names I will not mention, but everyone knows who they are — appear to not have a clue. Whose fault is this?

That’s right. Franklin. We cannot blame the players because they are only following the advice of their coaches.

So, the time has come for Franklin to quit talking about what he’s going to do and what needs to be done. If he’s looking for a cliché-type saying to promote his new approach, maybe he should adopt that famous Nike slogan and just do it.

David G. Sage

Coal Township