Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Support for Strano Taylor

Why do so many of us vote against our own best interests?

Among the issues facing Americans are declining income and tax breaks to companies that send jobs overseas, so why would anyone vote to keep U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson, R-Howard Township, in Congress?

Congress is broken, and Thompson is part of the problem. He votes in lockstep with his party 93 percent of the time and against our best interests — except for those among the wealthiest Americans.

Thompson voted to continue federal tax breaks to companies that outsource U.S. jobs, against allowing Congress to even vote on equal pay for women, raising the minimum wage or refinancing high-interest-rate student loans.

He voted to continue to allow U.S. oil exports to countries that support terrorist organizations and he wants to weaken regulations of Wall Street that are there to help avoid another financial meltdown.

Our district has been gerrymandered to protect the status quo, but I am tired of feeling stuck with a congressman who doesn’t represent us.

This is why I will vote Nov. 4 for someone who supports our interests — Kerith Strano Taylor.

Taylor is an attorney from Brookville who runs a small business and is president of her local school board. She would have voted the opposite of Thompson on all of these bills, including “yes” to raising the minimum wage, equal pay for equal work and no to tax breaks for companies that outsource jobs.

It’s time to shake things up in Washington.

Kelli Hoover

Pennsylvania Furnace