Letters to the Editor

Thompson doesn’t get it

Letter writer Frank Stover doesn’t think the debate on the source of climate change is over (“The debate isn’t over,” Tuesday).

This, in spite of the fact that almost all climate scientists — including those at Penn State — have carefully analyzed all the natural variability sources of change and found they could not explain the climate change unless you include the contributions from human activity, especially those activities related to carbon dioxide emissions.

Coming to correct and appropriate conclusions on this and many other subjects requires an understanding of the scientific method and how science works.

U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson lacks such an understanding and has not sought to acquire it while he has been in office. He prefers the political path to truth, much as Stover does.

It is true that not all the earlier predictions of the rate of increase of the Earth’s temperature were accurate. The amount of absorption of CO2 in the ocean was underestimated, which is leading to serious acidification of the ocean with unknown long-term consequences.

But the longer-term trends toward higher temperature continue, as do the increase in droughts, the intensity of storms and the increasing ocean levels. The deniers want to dismiss all this, as they do the disappearance of Arctic ice.

But nature will have its way whether we like it or not. Our best short-term strategy is to reduce CO2 emissions. We are fortunate to have a president who understands this, even if the Republican House does not.

Edward Klevans

State College