Letters to the Editor

Don’t be fooled

Pennsylvania voters are about to vote another empty suit into high office, according to latest polls.

The Democratic candidate for governor has demonstrated in flashy ads and at debates that he either has no answers or the wrong answers to the state’s future health.

Take the shale industry: Local impact laws help the fracking areas solve problems themselves. State shale taxes send the money to Harrisburg’s black hole, tempt the companies to go to other states and result in the loss of some of the more than 200,000 new jobs that also are adding income-tax revenues to the state.

His increased taxes for education will balloon our income taxes without going to the roots of the problems to solve them.

Need I go on with other nice-sounding, vague ideas that don’t really solve anything?

Gov. Tom Corbett has had enormous problems to solve that were left by the same Democratic ideas — such as those of former Gov. Ed Rendell — that hurt us, on top of the “recession.”

Don’t go for the empty suit for solutions. Let solid Gov. Corbett continue his efforts to reform our institutions and stop corruption in our state.

Nancy H. Heil

State College