Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Protect riparian zones

As concerned fifth- and sixth-grade students from Centre Learning Community Charter School, we would like to ask the state senators to vote against House Bill 1565.

This legislation could negatively affect riparian zones, and we want to educate people about what they are and why this bill should not be passed.

A riparian zone is an area of land around lakes, streams and other bodies of water. The current bill says the Department of Environmental Protection requires a riparian zone for every acre of land disturbed by a building. If HB 1565 gets passed, riparian zones would no longer be required.

Riparian zones are important. They filter water using soil and roots. Species living in these areas cannot thrive outside of the riparian zone. They help prevent flooding and erosion, which also prevents damage and pollution.

If this bill were passed, lives wouldn’t be as good. When water is dirty, people, fish and other species using that water can’t survive. They may become endangered or even extinct. If the fish are dead, the fishermen lose their jobs. More chemicals are needed to clean the water. That causes added pollution and damage to the environment. The beautiful area we live in wouldn’t be so beautiful.

We want our representatives to vote no on HB 1565. Please contact your local legislators, telling them to vote no. This is important to preserve animal species, local environment and healthy lifestyles for future generations.

Amanda Mason

State College

The writer is a teacher at Centre Learning Community Charter School. She submitted this on behalf of her students.