Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Column hard to swallow

I must take exception and make comment to Becky Long’s Oct. 6 column “You are what you eat.”

One of her assertions is that “every seven years the body completely cycles and renews itself.”

There is no science behind that statement. Different cell lines have different life spans. We do not grow new neurons; intestinal cells are replaced fairly quickly; red blood cells last for a few months; and cells that make teeth and bones last well beyond seven years.

I do agree that parents should be in charge of their children’s diets, but a more rational approach to healthy foods and specific recommendations may be found at the USDA’s choosemyplate.gov.

Fat, salt and sugar are not poison, but the rate of childhood obesity is alarming and parents should be concerned and proactive. Modeling good eating habits is essential for parents. Being sensible about moderation in one’s diet is a reasonable goal that should improve everyone’s health.

David Coggins

Pennsylvania Furnace