Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Vote for Strano Taylor

Andrew Kistulentz’s Oct. 8 letter (“Robotic representation”) rightly labeled U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson a robot for the conservative Republicans. However, the letter dismissed Thompson’s Democratic opponent as “anonymous.”

Don’t just curse the darkness. Light a candle for Democratic change.

Kerith Strano Taylor is a dynamic, energetic congressional candidate who has made numerous public and invited appearances around the Centre Region.

The 5th District covers most of 16 counties and separate media markets. She has substituted her formidable public-speaking ability and stamina for the TV ads she can ill afford.

Let me introduce Strano Taylor: a Penn State Schreyer Honors College graduate in political science; a practicing lawyer and statewide advocate for families and foster children; president of the Brookville Area School District in Jefferson County; and smart and savvy — the polar opposite of Thompson.

Learn more on her website, Kerith Strano Taylor for Congress 2014, and watch a video of her ideas on YouTube.

Strano Taylor believes in openness and fairness. She promotes fair wages, education and women’s issues while being sensitive to the rural nature of her district.

I have seen her powerful style at five events in the State College area.

Many enthusiastic people are donating to her campaign, and more than 90 percent of contributions come from individuals, not vested interests; Thompson can claim only 10 percent.

Support her efforts to create a Congress that represents people, not corporations.

Dorothy Ann Blair