Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Vote your values

Do you support raising the minimum wage and providing equal pay for equal work for men and women? Do you agree that young people should be able to refinance college loans to get out from under crushing debt?

Do you support protecting the environment from the ravages of corporate greed? Do you believe in eliminating tax breaks for companies that outsource good American jobs to other countries to reap higher profits?

Do you agree that we should ban selling energy to countries that support or harbor terrorists?

Kerith Strano Taylor, candidate for U.S Congress in Pennsylvania’s 5th District, will fight for these issues if elected.

Rep. Glenn Thompson, the incumbent candidate, has recently voted against each of them.

The beauty of a democracy is that the people can vote for the candidates who genuinely reflect their own values and interests. Party affiliations aside, please consider voting for the candidate here who will represent your point of view in the upcoming election.

The stakes are very high.

Marilyn Goldfarb