Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Voters have a choice

Andrew Kistulentz’s Oct. 8 letter, “Robotic representation,” is absolutely true on so many points: Rep. Glenn Thompson, R-Howard Township, does nothing but vote “no,” which is what his party asks of him. As the residents of the 5th District get “gridlock, paralysis and polarization.”

But we do have a choice on Nov. 4. Kerith Strano Taylor is the Democratic candidate, and she is a proven leader who listens to her constituents. As president of her local school board, as a negotiator in her law practice and as someone who is not tied to big-money interests, we have an opportunity to vote for a representative who will truly represent us.

Learn more about Strano Taylor at KSTforCongress.com and listen to the WPSU candidate debate at 8 p.m Oct. 27.

I think the more we learn about her the more we will be inspired by her. We do have an alternative to Thompson, and she is a very good one.

Louise Sandemyer

State College