Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Vote for the planet

I recently attended largest climate rally in history, about 400,000 strong in New York City.

The march consisted of a very diverse group of scientists, social justice representatives, farmers, environmental groups, American Indian groups and Christian and interdenominational groups.

More than 1,500 groups participated in this peaceful march. One of the signs made the point that “There is no planet B.”

My hope was that this groundswell didn’t get lost because of poor corporate media coverage and the morass that is developing in the Middle East. That appears to be the case, however.

In looking at my old albums, I found the clipping of a 1976 science magazine. On the same page as the article of the scientific advancement made by my lab was an article about the continued rise of carbon dioxide and the dire consequences of rising temperatures.

How long can we let those with no expertise continue to play ignorant and drag their feet? These are the same tactics used by the tobacco industry, and some of the same characters are again involved.

Go out and vote, and vote out the Republican deniers who are killing our planet.

Doug Keith

State College