Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Respect for Richard Irvin

In talking with residents of the 81st District, a common theme has emerged: money and passion.

A vote for Rep. Mike Fleck, R-Huntingdon, on Nov. 4 would ensure the remaining two years of service needed for a state benefit package that includes lifetime retirement income and health insurance.

Smoke and mirrors, deceit and lies arrive in your mailbox two to three times a week to protect Fleck’s benefit package.

On the other hand, Richard Irvin has passion for the district’s residents that he exhibits in an unassuming way. Irvin is not running for office with a preconceived agenda and is in the race for all the right reasons.

He has the interests of the 81st District in mind and is dedicated to working with others for the common good of all. It is really simple: Vote to award lifetime benefits to Fleck or vote for someone who would show the passion and respect people in the district deserve.

The people of the 81st District did something extraordinary during the spring primary. We spoke loud and clear when nominating a write-in candidate rather than the incumbent.

We proved that one vote does matter. I encourage voters to remember why they voted for Irvin in the primary and come out to the polls Nov. 4 to finish our work.

Vote for the guy who has the passion and who earned our respect, Richard Irvin.

Debora Ardrey

Walker Township