Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Vote for the environment

Since 2009, the U.S. House of Representatives has voted more than 120 times on bills that impact our environment. Rep. Glenn Thompson has only voted for the environment nine times. Below are four examples of his failure to protect our environment.

Thompson voted to prohibit government from purchasing public lands to build buffers to prevent future damage from hurricanes while simultaneously having the audacity to mourn climate-change impacts when stating, in Congress, that “storms and extreme weather have ravaged large portions of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.”

Thompson seems to prefer that the government and public remain ignorant about climate change. He voted to prohibit funds to help the Department of Energy better understand and predict climate-change threats, including extreme weather events and flooding, and to eliminate the National Science Foundation’s climate-change education programs.

Thompson aids oil and gas extraction (supporting his major financial contributors) with disregard for the environment. He voted to reduce federal agencies’ ability to adequately review the impacts of oil and gas leases on public lands, require that 25 percent of nominated lands be made available for leasing, and prohibit protesting of the latter lease options, all in the name of streamlining and increasing the certainty of oil and gas drilling.

Business and the environment can coexist with collaborative efforts. Kerith Strano Taylor, candidate for Congress, is a skilled negotiator. Negotiation will promote responsible management and protection of our treasured environment for now and the future.

Janet K. Swim