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Letter to the editor | Patriotism lacking

Patriotism lacking

Does Rep. Glenn Thompson lack patriotism? Probably not. However it could be argued that by “protecting farmers” from the Environmental Protection Agency, he triggered a chain of events that could harm our national bird and emblem.

Does Thompson hate bald eagles? Unlikely. He simply lacks the foresight to see that his poor decisions jeopardize our national bird, along with many other species less emotionally important to Americans but just as ecologically significant.

Thompson said attempts to control agricultural runoff through the Clean Water Act pose “a grave threat to the economic vitality and ecological health of our farming communities.” Yet ignoring runoff impact has led to major imbalances distributed through the watershed.

Many ecosystems have proved to be tremendously resilient, which is promising. But it makes a poor excuse to continue measurable and preventable abuse on the assumption of continued resilience.

All of us, regardless of party lines, are sustained by the Earth’s ecosystems.

We cannot afford for politicians to continue to address environmental issues in a partisan manner.

Citizens deserve better than a representative who lowers environmental standards and represents only a portion of his constituents.

The freedom for a segment of the population to be negligent carries too high a price for the rest of us.

Patriotism denotes a deep love of one’s country. This ought to include the ground under our feet, the water we drink and the air we breathe. Perhaps Thompson lacks true patriotism after all.

Anna E. Allan