Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Time for a change

The 5th District needs new blood in Congress.

According to the League of Conservation Voters, Rep. Glenn Thompson voted against safety provisions for carcinogenic coal ash. I guess Thompson thinks billion-dollar disasters like the 2008 TVA coal ash spill in the Emory and Clinch rivers should be borne by taxpayers and private insurance.

As an outdoorsman, I’m flummoxed that a fellow outdoorsman would vote this way. How do you fish in coal ash?

He also has voted against all action on climate-changing greenhouse gases.

The National Academy of Sciences, created by Abraham Lincoln, shows that burning fossil fuels has altered the climate.

The Pentagon has called climate change “a threat multiplier.” Both groups know that without sensible reductions in greenhouse gases the threats will intensify. Thomspon thinks he knows better.

Who’s he listening to? Maybe the more than $130,000 in contributions he has received from oil and gas, electric utilities and mining industries are too loud for him to listen to sense.

Kerith Strano Taylor understands our energy past and present.

But what’s more exciting is that she is listening to how we can and should create a healthier, cleaner and more prosperous energy economy.

She would work in government for our health, our wealth and our environment. I will vote for Strano Taylor on Nov. 4.

Peter Buckland

State College