Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Public pool too taxing

Bellefonte borough and Spring, Benner and Walker township taxpayers beware. Your supervisors and elected officials are up to no good again.

These people were elected to look after the best interest of their borough and townships — not everyone else’s problems.

Now they want property owners to pay for the Kepler swimming pool in Bellefonte because no one wants to go out and work for the money like all the other pools in the area had to do.

How do you think all these playgrounds and ball fields came about? People went out and got donations. A .443 mill or $26 forever property tax was not added.

It’s time to stand up to these people. Call your borough or township elected officials and tell them “no” before you get blindsided by something you didn’t know about.

This area has suffered a lot with all the jobs that left the area. People on fixed incomes who are property owners have been burdened enough, so speak out and say “no.”

It’s time they take care of the property owners who pay their bills — not burden them more.

Joe Galbraith

Pleasant Gap