Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Irvin deserves the vote

Recent events have reinforced my belief that we have chosen the correct candidate in Richard Irvin for election to represent the people of Pennsylvania’s 81st District.

In spite of attacks by the opposition calling into question his intelligence, experience and ability to serve, Irvin has maintained his posture of positive campaign performance.

From the beginning, Irvin has taken the high ground, addressing the issues and reflecting the desires and needs of his prospective constituents. He has stuck to his promise to not accept a dollar of campaign funding from outside the district, turning down large sums from PACs and other special-interest groups.

My family is extremely important to me. Knowing that Richard Irvin feels the same about his and supports traditional family values only enhances my willingness to work for his election.

I encourage voters to search their hearts and minds, see through the smoke and mirrors and vote for this deserving candidate — Richard Irvin.

Barry B. Wright