Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Where was Corbett’s respect for due process when firing Joe Paterno?

Last month, Attorney General Kathleen Kane revealed that hundreds of sexually explicit emails had circulated among Pennsylvania state officials’ email accounts under then-attorney general Tom Corbett from 2008-2012 (during the Jerry Sandusky investigation.)

Gov. Corbett was asked if he had requested any resignations of those involved. His responses included:

“I’ve got to give everyone a fair playing field.”

“We’re not going to go into that until we have the facts. We have to have the facts.”

“I just can’t have the opinion of one person.”

“I need to see exactly what happened. Right now, I’m reading newspaper accounts. That’s not sufficient for me.”

I agree with Corbett. Everyone should be afforded due process. There should be sufficient time to gather and process all the facts to avoid making a rush to judgment.

Rewind to the evening of Nov. 9, 2011, when Corbett urged the Penn State board of trustees to fire Joe Paterno without due process, without a fair playing field and without the facts.

Right before the vote, at the moment of Paterno’s fate, with only newspaper accounts in hand, Corbett said, “Remember the children. Remember that little boy in the shower.”

Paterno was never charged with a crime. Former chief deputy attorney general Frank Fina said he found no evidence that Paterno had been involved in a cover-up.

On Nov. 4, I hope the last thought on voters’ minds before casting their ballots will be, “Remember the hypocrisy. Remember the corruption over the past four years.”

Eileen Morgan

Dumfries, Va.