Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: In praise of Pegulas’ positive impact on Buffalo

In an Oct. 11 column (“Pennsylvanians saved Buffalo Bills”), Ronald Fraser, an ardent activist who opposes fossil fuel use, was critical of Terry and Kim Pegula’s purchase of the Buffalo Bills because the source of their personal wealth is natural gas.

Lacking any substantive knowledge of the natural gas industry in general and operations in Pennsylvania in particular, Fraser ignores Pennsylvania’s economic juggernaut (particularly when compared with the sluggish economy of upstate New York where he resides) and portrays the commonwealth as an environmental wasteland.

Pennsylvanians know better.

Unlike their neighbors to the north, Pennsylvanians maintain a proper balance of environmental protection and economic development.

After generously donating to Penn State, the Pegula family has rapidly become one of the most significant families in western New York, using their time, talent and treasure to advance our region’s job creation and commerce.

These are transformative investments for western New York. Without this valuable and environmentally benign natural resource, largess like the Pegulas’ simply wouldn’t be possible.

There will always be those who choose to ignore the positive impact that natural gas development — through careful research, applied science, technology and innovation — can make in New York state.

That’s unfortunate given New York’s long history of sound natural gas regulation and safe development.

Nevertheless, natural gas sourced in Pennsylvania is positively changing Buffalo’s future, and for that we can all be proud.

S. Dennis Holbrook

East Aurora, N.Y.

The writer is is a director of the Independent Oil and Gas Association of New York and former executive vice president of Norse Energy.