Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Lobbying against Taylor

Working with children is so rewarding. It’s fun to see how they think and reason — like the time my friend blamed me for taking the last cookie when it was in fact my friend who had taken the cookie.

Her accusation was actually an attempt to cover for her behavior.

In a short biography on Kerith Strano Taylor’s website it says the 5th District candidate worked in Washington for two years.

But it offers no explanation for the work she was doing for those two years.

A little research on the Internet resulted, and, as it turns out, indicates that the Democratic candidate was a lobbyist.

In a recent debate hosted by the Christian Coalition, Strano Taylor said she thought Congress was broken, in part due to money from corporations and special interest groups.

Strano Taylor was doing the very thing she says is negatively affecting Congress.

So, why would a candidate for Congress not give the details of her work as a lobbyist and then blame lobbyists for breaking Washington?

It feels a lot like it did when I was being misled by the one who took the cookie.

Denise Girard