Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | County needs Fleck

Recent letters have urged the 81st District to vote for Richard Irvin, but Centre County needs to see what Huntingdon residents are and realize the importance of their vote for Rep. Mike Fleck.

Barry Wright’s Tuesday letter (“Irvin deserves the vote”) paints Irvin’s lack of support from organizations as a freedom from special interests, yet Wright is the co-founder and co-chairman of the Huntingdon County tea party.

Maybe that’s why Irvin supporter Tom Ritchey compared teachers to “lemmings” who “run in mindless herds” via Facebook posts with Huntingdon County GOP Chairman Arnold McClure. Ritchey then accused Republican Mike Fleck of promoting a “gay agenda.”

Wright said Irvin has been “addressing the issues” of prospective constituents, yet he failed to attend Huntingdon’s meet the candidate forum even though 85 percent of his constituents are in Huntingdon.

Wright accused Fleck of “smoke and mirrors,” yet Irvin provided an empty chair to “address the issues” and asked the Daily News that questions be submitted in writing.

Irvin made memorable Centre County appearances Wednesday. He baffled the Patton Township Business Association luncheon audience by citing his opposition to gender equality laws when asked about marriage equality.

At the Centre County League of Women Voters forum, Irvin was asked about “family values.” After 18 months to prepare a question central to his campaign, Irvin still struggled to reply, as he did for nearly every question.

Centre County’s turnout will likely decide the election. Can you afford to stay home and let Irvin win?

Dustin Clark

Newton Hamilton