Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Help Fleck lose

Where does state Rep. Mike Fleck get all his financing?

I can tell you where he doesn’t get the majority of it: from the common folks in his district, like Rich Irvin does.

I researched and found that a large, single contributor was Good Jobs PA PAC, which is a pro-union, Democratic-leaning, liberal PAC that has given Fleck nearly $13,000 in 2014 alone.

Its mission should be about creating jobs, but it’s really about enriching those already employed through organized labor. When asked about his votes being for sale, Fleck said, “Prove it.”

That’s comforting? Fleck should know that in his district we need jobs — good jobs.

What we don’t need are well-paid legislators and state union workers receiving increased benefits and increased retirement while everyone’s taxes foot the bill.

He’s done nothing to bring jobs to this high unemployment area or anything to benefit the folks in his district. During his watch, the rich maybe didn’t get richer, but the middle class and the poor sure got poorer.

Irvin does his job quite well, and he’ll have that job to do until he wins the election, goes to Harrisburg, learns his new job and does it skillfully and honestly, as we would expect.

As for debate, it would be a waste of everybody’s time.

Fleck’s party already voted, and he lost. And I’ll do whatever possible to help him lose again. Republicans and Democrats alike, please vote for Richard Irvin.

John Kauffman