Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | A student for Thompson

As a Penn State student, I have not voted in many elections so far in my life.

As I prepare for my career in education at Penn State, I know elections have consequences. I will vote for candidates who understand my needs and have a record that proves that.

Rep. Glenn Thompson gets my vote.

Keeping college affordable is very important to me — so that I limit the debt I must pay back. Thompson is a leader on the Education Committee and supports every bill that makes education affordable.

Access to student loans that have interest rates that are reasonable is critical to my future.

Thompson supported the new law that accomplishes exactly that. When I am finished at Penn State, what I want more than anything else is a good paying job. Our congressman gets it and I have watched him use his leadership to get government out of the way and grow good paying jobs.

Maggie Lynch

Spring Mills