Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | 5th District needs Thompson

Political talking points and campaign smears are the common thread with the recent surge in letters attacking Rep. Glenn Thompson, some going as far as to question his patriotism.

I’m not someone who is active in politics, primarily because our political discourse has sunk to this level, but I do follow the work of my representative and know the value of good public service and policy.

If you take a close look at Thompson’s legislative priorities, you’ll find an agenda that is focused on the needs of our region. If you review his legislative accomplishments, they are pretty impressive — especially given the level of gridlock today in Washington.

Thompson has been at the center of every major bipartisan legislative accomplishment during the past term, from the passage of the farm bill, which supports jobs and economic growth in Pennsylvania, to the enactment of comprehensive reforms to the nation’s workforce development and training system, which will help members of our communities find and succeed in good paying jobs.

Thompson is exactly the type of person and leader we need pushing back against the partisan gamesmanship in Washington and fighting the good fight on behalf of the residents of the 5th District.

It is about time that we begin to pick our leaders based on their records and their ability to lead and not on loud rhetoric and unsubstantiated claims.

Thompson can point to his record, as noted above, and his committee work in Washington speaks for his leadership.

Chuck Gambone

State College