Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | There’s a lot on the line

What’s at stake in November if Democrats fail to show at the polls?

It has been predicted that the Republican Party will retain the majority in the House, and Senate majority could swing to the Republicans.

Then, following the prodding of corporate America and their lobbyists, regulations in every sector would likely be downgraded to the point of ineffectiveness, targeting areas such as environmental protection, labor standards, worker safety, financial and banking regulations and, of course, Social Security and the Affordable Care Act.

So-called job-killing regulations have become a favorite target of Republicans since the economic downturn. They have denounced the Environmental Protection Agency, The National Labor Relations Board and virtually every other government agency that writes rules.

They would rid the corporate world of any obstacles that stand in the way of profit margins, including worker protection and labor rights. Let us not forget that the worldwide economic collapse we are still dealing with is due to a failure to sufficiently “regulate” financial markets.

When the GOP gained a majority in the Pennsylvania House and a Republican governor was elected, the voting districts were gerrymandered to their specifications, resulting in many uneven and heavy Republican majority districts.

Also keep in mind the far-right Republicans’ failed attempt to disenfranchise voters with a voter ID law to combat (nonexistent) voter fraud.

It is essential that everybody exercise their right, and duty, and vote.

Bad politicians aren’t elected by people who vote; they are elected by people who don’t vote.

James Longley