Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Defending the coaching staff

I am disheartened by recent criticism of James Franklin and the other Penn State football coaches by fans on Twitter.

I have a plea for Penn State fans: Let’s get behind Franklin and his assistants like no other college fan base.

Since day one this guy and his staff have hit the ground running. They’ve been positive, confident, interesting and inspiring. They get out with the fans and promote the program. They are working to build a recruiting base, and it appears to be working.

They’ve created high expectations and he’s different from his predecessors. Let’s embrace the differences and appreciate his willingness to put it out there and be vulnerable. Let’s build a fan culture based on a spirit of support opposed to constant criticism.

In the first “Unrivaled” episode, Franklin said something to his team that stuck with me.

He said, “I love you. It always starts with I love you, it always ends with I love you.”

How can you not love that? Can we do that for these coaches as they nurture and build a top college program?

I’m gonna love ’em unconditionally. From what I see, it’s easy. Let’s stop the madness and let this staff make some mistakes. Greatness requires it. I believe. You with me?

Nino Vella

State College