Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Voters can fire incumbents

I am disgusted by the climate of obstruction, disrespect and self-interest in Washington. The failure of Congress to pass any meaningful legislation that would benefit the majority of citizens in our country — children, working poor, disabled, single parents, veterans — makes a joke of the term “representative democracy.”

Many legislators, including Rep. Glenn Thompson, R-Howard Township, have repeatedly voted to prevent legislation supported by the majority from being debated and passed; delayed confirmation of appointments of highly qualified individuals as judges, ambassadors and agency heads; and supported efforts to repeal, dismantle or obstruct legislation already enacted.

If we were as incompetent at our jobs as they have been, we would have been fired long ago.

Guess what? We can fire them. And we should. Fortunately for those of us in the 5th District, we have an excellent opportunity to elect a more responsive U.S. representative in Kerith Strano Taylor, a dynamic, articulate, attorney from Brookville.

At the recent League of Women Voters debate in State College, she announced her top three priorities if elected: keep the government open (some Republicans have pledged to shut it down again if they don’t get their way); support legislation to raise the minimum wage; and support legislation to ensure equal pay for equal work.

For more information, I encourage voters to attend one of her many speaking appearances, visit her website or stop by her local campaign headquarters in State College. Then get out and vote for Strano Taylor on Nov. 4.

Carol Anderson

State College