Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Vote against the 1 percent

My wife and I recently attended a rally at the State College Municipal Building for Kerith Strano Taylor, candidate for the 5th Congressional District.

We were surprised and energized by the candidate’s message, which drew on her experience as a family practice attorney. In difficult cases, she asks contentious parents if they love their children more than they hate their “ex.”

This situation applies directly to much of central Pennsylvania, where political opposition has become rancorous.

“Our children,” so to speak, are the generations who will suffer from student loan burdens, economic catastrophes from Wall Street manipulators and so on.

Ordinary citizens should expect the government to curb exploitation of the many by the few. We know one thing about the extremely rich “1 percent.”

They always want more money — they always want our money. Give a billionaire help and it stays in the hedge fund. Give the low-wage earners help and that money returns into the economy for everyone to use.

We should not vote the 1 percent’s interests; we should vote our interests.

When the Pentagon asks for help to determine climate change’s impact on national security, we should not say, “What climate change?”

Strano Taylor seems to be tuned in to all this in ways that include all Pennsylvanians. We don’t need to hate anyone to love our country, or Strano Taylor. She can get our “family” back together.

Don Kunze