Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Corbett paying for his predecessor’s sins

“The evil men do lives after them, whilst the good is oft interred with their bones,” William Shakespeare wrote.

Former Gov. Ed Rendell cut state education funds and replaced them with federal funds — Obama money.

This money should have been spent on brick-and-mortar but seldom was. Instead, Rendell granted unsustainable retirement increases to teachers and other public employees.

Gov. Tom Corbett inherited this situation and, when the Obama money stopped, he increased state education funding.

But he was unable to entirely replace the Obama money.

Now a Wolf, in sheep’s clothing, continues the lie that Corbett cut education funding, when the opposite is true.

Corbett has addressed Rendell’s disastrous state-employee pension action while Tom Wolf accepted $2.5 million in campaign donations from teacher and public employees’ unions.

Will he support them at the expense of the taxpayers?

Wolf would impose an extraction tax on natural gas. This would go to the general fund to help pay for Rendell’s generous gifts to state workers and teachers and rob our counties, townships and municipalities of impact fees.

Judging from the polls, the “evil” Rendell did will live after him, perpetuated by Wolf. And the good of Corbett will be buried, much to the detriment of the taxpayers and, sadly, many future generations.

Woody Williams

Hop Bottom