Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Vote to end gridlock

Tired of the political gridlock in Washington? You are not alone.

Economists have recently cited Washington’s political gridlock as a main reason our economy is not making a stronger recovery.

How can we change this? By voting for someone who can bring opposing sides together and solve problems. That someone is Kerith Strano Taylor.

She has proved herself as a strong, smart negotiator and a leader.

As president of the Brookville school board, she helped negotiate the teachers’ contract with the district. She accomplished this without a work stoppage — something that had not happened in 25 years.

As an attorney, Strano Taylor — appointed by a judge who knew of her mediation skill — helped divorcing parents agree on their children’s visitation schedules, getting 85 percent of the families to agree on a solution within the hour.

How did she do it? She asked them, “Do you love your children more than you hate your ex?” As expected, they answered “yes” and worked with her.

Strano Taylor promises to take this approach to Congress by asking her fellow congressmen, “Do you love your country, more than you hate the other side?”

She has proved herself as a leader and a talented negotiator who can work with the other side and get things done. Join me and vote for Strano Taylor on Tuesday.

Get Congress back on the right path and back to work for us.

Anne Ready

Patton Township