Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Strano Taylor will bring change to Congress

Whether you are a Democrat, independent or a Republican, please vote Tuesday.

Low voter turnout blurs the real wishes of the people and encourages our elected officials to listen only to the needs of their campaign supporters, particularly if they give large donations.

Only 12 percent of us voters believe Congress is doing a good job. Yet incumbents are favored in the vast majority of congressional elections.

The best way for us to express our demand for change in Washington is to vote incumbents out of office and send a wake-up message to everyone in Congress that their seats are not guaranteed if they perform poorly.

Our message should be sent by voting Rep. Glenn Thompson out of office. We do have a choice in this election.

Kerith Strano Taylor is a fresh, young face whose independence, vision and energy would benefit the 5th District enormously over the next two years.

She supports raising the minimum wage, strengthening public education, maintaining our environment and working on policies that encourage job growth.

Thompson has a voting record that opposes all of these goals. It is time for a change.

We hope you will join us Tuesday in voting for Strano Taylor to represent the 5th District.

Bob and Phyllis Santoro

State College