Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Wolf is not the answer

With the upcoming elections, I have heard challengers stating that the ills of the commonwealth are due to taxes rising due to mismanagement of the budget.

In 2008, the same statements were being put forward by then-candidate Barack Obama.

The plans then were to increase taxes on the “1 percent,” put money into job creation and universal health care and raise the minimum wage.

All those plans have been put into effect, with the exception of a national minimum wage. In the time since 2008, we have had full time reduced to 30 hours; the government has thrown billions of dollars into economic stimulus; affordable health care is anything but that; and we still keep throwing money at pie-in-the-sky promises that have not yet nor ever will pay off.

Before you vote on Election Day you should ask yourself one question: “Am I better off with all those policies today than I was before 2008?”

Full-time jobs are almost nonexistent. The labor pool is comprised of the grossly underemployed thanks to the 30-hour work week and the health care mandate.

Tom Wolf has ascribed to the Obama economic model for Pennsylvania woes. How’s that going to work for you?

John Zong

State College