Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Thompson should seek out climate experts

The League of Conservation Voters evaluated incumbent U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson’s record on votes that affect our environment.

In 2013, it was rock bottom at 4 percent, in lockstep with the Republican House leadership.

One hundred percent would be a voting record that defended our environment every time.

Thompson’s statements on climate change — including “humans contribute only 4 percent toward carbon dioxide emissions” — demonstrate a lack of understanding or a goal of obfuscation.

He would benefit by meeting with Penn State scientists such as Richard Alley and Michael Mann.

Thompson looks at our public lands — state forests and the Allegheny National Forest — as deposits of resources.

His voting record promotes industrialization of public lands and attacks the agencies entrusted with managing them.

Kerith Strano Taylor has demonstrated a willingness to consult with scientists to make science-based decisions.

This would include policy decisions that address climate change and policy decisions affecting public lands and the well-being of our communities.

This represents a change from Thompson’s approach, which favors industry at the expense of the environment.

Voting for Strano Taylor is how each of us can do our part to end gridlock in Washington, better protect our public lands and our communities and add a voice in Washington that would be a voice for the people, not for corporate excess.

The Sierra Club asks you to vote for Strano Taylor on Nov. 4.

Gary Thornbloom


The writer is co-chairman of the Public Lands Committee of the Sierra Club Pennsylvania Chapter.