Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Keep it in California

Before he bankrolled candidates devoted to dismantling Pennsylvania’s coal and natural gas industry, California billionaire Tom Steyer made a fortune investing hedge-fund money in foreign coal and oil development.

That’s what most of us would call “hypocrisy.” Maybe Steyer should know that Pennsylvania’s infrastructure, which originally was built and funded by development of our natural resources, has serious problems; our roads and bridges are crumbling.

To that end, he might also want to know that our own oil and gas industry has contributed more than $1 billion to help build and maintain new and existing roads. It’s also worth mentioning that Pennsylvania produces 20 percent of America’s national gas.

These facts translate into high-paying jobs, fuel for the state economy, affordable energy and a better way of life for our families.

Steyer, a San Francisco billionaire, may want to walk a mile in the shoes of hard-working Pennsylvanians before he tells us how we should manage the natural resources our state has been blessed with.

I doubt Steyer will have any part of rebuilding our state’s economy. His proposed policies have all but crippled California’s economy. Let’s hope the voters don’t let his financially backed candidates here do the same to our state.

Derek A. Walker


The writer is chairman of Vision 20/20.